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In my artistic work, I am questioning constant places and conditions. With digital photomontages, I use associative connections, prostheses or gaps in natural and artificial landscapes to make the anthropogenic interpretations of humans visible. There I always find natural or arbitrary forms that I use as a guide in order to continue working with them visually. The results are pictures, objects and installations that stimulate dissonant places.

/ im fragmental 23


The fragmentation of an old GDR factory window is devided into four wall works and one room installation.

im fragmental 23

The work is a visual examination of growing up in a small town in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern before, during and after the fall of the Berlin Wall in the so called Baseballschlägerjahre. The entire work moves through a period of 40 years. The wall works consist of fragmented photos of shards. The room installation shows into the hole of fragmentation:

/ im fragmental 1987, im fragmental 1997,
im fragmental 1993, im fragmental 2003
wall installation, 2024,
each 50x70 cm, mounted on Aludibond and under anti-reflective acrylic glass, milled, mounted into frames

im fragmental 2023

/ im fragmental 2027
room installation, 2023,
300x70x15cm, printed organza silk on 7 layers, mounted under a wooden board

im fragmental 2027

/ unplan


In the serial work unplan tarpaulins – artificial unplanned landscapes – meet natural landscapes. Parts connect to similar structures and create a new location with an implanted prothesis. To each of the works there is an inverted counterpart and the play with transformative intermediate states. There is a wandering between two places.

/ unplan pftz I#1, unplan pftz, unplan pftz I#2
digital photomontages, 2023

unplan pftz

The installation unplanmembran is a cooperation with the sound and light artist Leo Neumann. There are two transparent fabrics hung one behind the other with two photomontages from my series unplan that are contrasting inside and outside and a light and sound programming by Leo. By playing with the perception of light, the places are transformed into new intermediate states, visible on both sides. Through the choreography of artificial and natural sound sources, synchronized with the lights, an immersive work is created, whereby the viewer can find herself or himself in a "location glitch" for a very short time during the unexpected changes of location.

/ unplanmembran
interactive installation, in cooparation with Leo Neumann (light and sound) 2023,
200 x 150cm, 2 transparent printed textiles, computer with programming, 2 LED light strips, amplifiers, 2 speakers, fan
Fotos by Helge Mundt


In the interactive installation unplan-pfütze a puddle in a dark room is illuminated by a projector with the film unplan-pfz-trns. The puddle reflects the film onto the wall, where not only the film can be seen, but also the shape of the puddle, the bubbles of the puddle water and the periodic interruption of the surface tension of the water by a steady drop dripping into the puddle.

/ unlan-pfütze
multimedia installation, 2023,
video projection on a puddle, on a wall with a steady drip; beamer, tub, earth, dry hop branches, water, infusion utensils


/ unplan formität
Fineartprint on Hahnemühle, 2023,
80 x 75 cm, on Aludibond, wooden frame

unplan formität

/ warte

/ warte#1
Fineartprint on Hahnemühle, 2023,
60 x 75 cm on Aludibond, alu frame


/ warte#2
Fineartprint on Hahnemühle, 2023,
20 x 25 cm on Aludibond, alu frame


/ tiefenverwandt


In the series tiefenverwandt, I work out natural forms from the pictures and place them large over the connection of a natural and an artificial place, inverting the rest of the picture into the color negative, which gives the picture new levels. The natural form is the essence from which a new stand-alone artifact is created, such as an installation or an object.

/ tiefenverwandt#2
Fineartprint on Hahnemühle, 2021,
70 x 120 cm

tiefenverwandt 2

/ zusammenhalten#2 vs. tiefenverwandt#2
installation, 2022, three white cotton fabrics are held together by pine needles,
200 x 120 cm

tiefenverwandt 2

/ tiefenverwandt#10
Fineartprint on Hahnemühle, 2021,
112 x 95 cm, on Aludibond, wooden frame

tiefenverwandt 10

/ transform#10 vs. tiefenverwandt#10
installation, 2021, a bed and grass grows in 5 sepuences printed on material
112 x 95 x 20 cm

tiefenverwandt 10

/ tiefenverwandt#1
Fineartprint on Hahnemühle in wooden frame, 2021
150 x 45 cm


/ bank#1 vs. tiefenverwandt#1
wooden bench, 2021
130 x 25 x 40 cm


/ lehmloch#3 vs. tiefenverwandt#3
clay hole, 2021
40 x 40 x 20 cm


/ tiefenverwandt#tri vs. maschenwachs#tri
Fineartprints on Hahnemühle, on stretcher and chain link fence in beeswax, 2021
80 x 33 cm x 3

tiefenverwandt tri

/ tiefenverwandt#17 vs. wellen#17
Fineartprint on Hahnemühle, in wooden frame and leaves in wax in waves, 2021
120 x 76 cm

tiefenverwandt 17

/ tiefenverwandt#28
Fineartprint on Hahnemühle on Aludibond, 2022
33 x 100 cm