Portrait Berit Kröner

so far and until now:
born in Neustrelitz,
lives and works in Ratzeburg
1997-2002: studies in Visual Communication at the Berlin University of the Arts (in the free artistic class of Fritz Dommel)
2003: internship with a photographer in Porto
2004-2006: graphic artist in an illustrated book publisher
since 2007: self-employed as a graphic artist and lamp designer
2020: ITB-Award for the travel book series Stadtabenteuer
2021: founding of die brachiale - Labor für Dialoge im Zwischenraum
2022: Member of Gemeinschaft Lübecker Künstler:innen

2021: group exibition in Mölln (museum of Mölln)
march 2022: Exhibitition/Art happening at die brachiale 1 in Lübeck (Haerder-Center)
september 2022: exhibitition/Art happening at die brachiale 2+ in Lübeck with support of Possehl-Stiftung Lübeck
november 2022: group exhibition in Mölln, 30 years after the racist attacks

upcoming and current:
january 29 - march 5, 2023: group exhibition with die brachiale in Kunsthalle St. Annen
at Lübeck contemporary - Jahresschau der Lübecker Künstlerinnen und Künstler
march 30 - april 2, 2023: pop-up-exhibition with die brachiale in the Gängeviertel of Hamburg at Galerie Ladons